XiaoR Geek 4 DOF Robotic Arm with Servo for Starter Robot Kit (A2 Claw)

Sale price$99.99


*Great for learning robotics, electronics, Arduino/Raspberry Pi programming and Python programming.

*MG995 servos enable the robotic arm move stably and flexibly. Wrist range of motion: 180 degree.

*4DOF robot arm silver mechanical robotic clamp claw for robot projects with 4pcs Servo. And you don’t need assemble it.

*U-bracket on the arm can be mounted directly on the base in the car or any other desktop platform.

*Robot Arms are perfect for projects ranging from hobby use to higher level education and robotics research.

Robot Claw Kit Parameters:
Rotation angle of 180 degrees
Servo Model: MG995(Torque: 7kg, Features: Anti-down, Anti-blocking)
Clamp Max open is 125mm
Height: 310mm (holder closed)
Holder of the widest distance: 200mm
Working voltage: 4.8 - 6V
Weight: 540g

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