XiaoR GEEK ROS SLAM Robot Car with Laser Radar for Raspberry Pi 4B

颜色: Blue
样式: Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
Sale price$669.00



This is a kind of robot based on SLAM algorithm with laser radar. It uses ROS system to build maps in real time and avoid obstacles. It can accurately realize path planning, use its radar to follow the master's movement, or use cameras and OpenCV to patrol the line. 


Mainboard: Raspberry 4B

Program language: Python, C language

Size: 280*242*300mm

Weight: about 3.5KG

Battery: 8400mAh lithium battery pack

Digital display voltage: Three-digit display voltage

Motor: DC brush motor

IMU: Nine-axis gyroscope sensor


1. Some countries can't ship batteries, we will send battery cases instead of batteries. You need to buy a battery like the link of this specification, 12V, more than 5A in your country.

2. Provide E-book with detailed installation tutorials and complete source code for secondary development. If you have any questions, contact us and you will have a professional technical team to guide you. (service@xiaorgeek.net)

3. The control software now only supports the Android system, the default language is English


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