XiaoR Geek DS-X Smart robot car with Raspberry Pi for programming and educational

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XiaoR Geek DS-X Smart robot car for programming and educational



The DS-X robot is an entry-level vehicle-shaped robot with a wheeled structure. The car body is compact and small, which is especially suitable for teaching scenes of indoor desktop. The whole car weighs 1.3kg and can reach a maximum speed of 1.5m/s. It has great advantages in racing competitions, just like a wild horse without the rein. The product is compatible with the commonly used Arduino, STM32, and Raspberry Pi three kinds of maker education hardware platforms. It opens a wealth of secondary development hardware interfaces and software API interfaces. It is compatible with more than 40 common IoT sensors. The programming method is simple and easy to understand. Incidental courses from shallow to deep. It is the first choice for entry-level maker of educational robots .


Compilation language: STM32 / Arduino (C) Raspberry Pi (Python) Product model: DS-X
Power supply voltage: 7.4v Compilation environment: ArduinoIDE / IAR Python
Charging method: DC direct charge Wireless communication: WiFi/Bluetooth
Frequency range: 2.4Ghz Signal range: 25m effective distance
Camera: 300,000 HD camera Weight: ≈1.5kg
Size: 231 * 140 * 158mm Remote control method: iOS, Android, PC, Web, PS2 handle
Implantation: Arduino UNO / STM32 / Raspberry Pi

Fully-equipped with teaching function

1、 WiFi wireless remote control

2、 WiFi wireless video transmission

3、 Motor control

4、 Servo control

5、Ultrasonic walking the maze

6、Ultrasonic ranging backhaul

7、 Ultrasonic distance measurement

8、Infrared line inspection function

9、Infrared anti-drop function

10、Distance voltage display function

11、 Real-time mode display function

12、 Headlight function

13、Turn signal function

14、Voltage indication

15、Horn function

16、Built-in music

17、PS2 handle control function

18、Bluetooth control

19、Gesture recognition

20、 Object tracking

21、Object recognition

22、visual obstacle avoidance

23、37 kinds of sensor expansion experiment

Packing List

1*DSX Chassis

1*DSX Roof

4* Rubber wheels

4* White wheels

1* 0.91inch OLED screen

2 * Bunting

1*Ultrasonic sensor

1* PS2 Receiver

1* PS2 Adapter

1* metal bag

1* Phillips Screwdriver

2* 9g steering gear

1* Chargers

4* TT motor

1* Battery tray

1 set* Three-way line of defense

4* Dupont line

2t* The 6p line of defense

1* Line-tracking sensor

1* Robolink 4.0

1* Three-in-one power panel

1* Bluetooth


1* SD card & card reader

1* PS2 controller

1* Cameras

1 set *head Nylon

1* 2 DB antenna

1* RJ25

1* Raspberry Pi motherboard

Notice:Because some countries do not support battery transportation, so we will provide a battery box + charger to instead batteries, and please purchase the batteries on your local country.

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