XiaoR GEEK Donkey Car XR-F2 with Nvidia Jetson Nano Kit

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Programming languages: Python and C
Donkey car starter kit comes with dedicated training map(300*200cm).


1.This donkey car is made based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano,Jetson is the world's leading AI computing platform for GPU accelerated parallel processing in mobile embedded systems.

2.The  AI line patrol robot car based on machine intelligence and deep learning framework Tensorflow. An open source DIY self-driving platform for small scale cars.

3.The robot is equipped with a camera, uses Jetson nano as the main control platform to supports mobile phone APP through wireless remote control and real-time video transmission. After a period of training, the car can automatically turn and accelerate according to the video “seeing” of the camera to achieve a primary autopilot function similar to Tesla's autonomous driving technology

4.Provide detailed installation tutorials and complete source code for secondary development. If you have any questions, contact us and you will have a professional technical team to guide you.(service@xiaorgeek.net)

Note: Some countries can't ship batteries, we will send battery cases instead of batteries. You need to buy the battery like the link of this specification, 12V, more than 5A in your country.

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