XiaoR GEEK XR-F1 Donkey Car with Raspberry Pi 4B

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XiaoR GEEK Donkey Car with Raspberry Pi 4B


Pogram language: Python, C language


In some countries, batteries cannot be shipped. We will deliver the battery case to the customer. You need to buy the battery from the local store by yourself.

Donkey car is an open source DIY self-driving RC car. It uses a Raspberry Pi 4B with a 720P HD camera to control an RC car to drive thru tracks autonomously. Autonomous driving is achieved by recording images and your inputs while you're driving it, then it uses Tensorflow to learn from you. So you're teaching the car to drive like you.

Provide Sync tutorial book with detailed installation tutorials and complete source code for secondary development. If you have any questions, contact us and you will have a professional technical team to guide you.(service@xiaorgeek.net)

Official webiste online tutorials:http://www.xiaorgeek.com/Study/Study/catalog/cid/29


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