What is Raspberry Pi and how to use Raspberry Pi 4B to program?

Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized microcomputers (single-board computers) designed for programming education. It has rich hardware interfaces and can install any ARM platform operating system, such as some distributions of Linux, Android, Windows IoT wait. The picture below is a current RaspberryPi 4 Model B .

A single-board computer with so many interfaces is actually only the size of a palm (the RaspberryPi Zero/ZeroW series is only a little bigger than a thumb), and the quad-core Cortex A53/A72 CPU of the Raspberry Pi 3/4 series has low power consumption and low computing power. weak. Best of all, it's so cheap!

What are Raspberry pi main uses?

Office use

Atwood's law tells us: Everything that can be written in Javascript will eventually be written in Javascript. The deduction is: everything that was done on the client before will eventually be able to be done on the browser.

The webization of various software makes the browser an "operating system" above the operating system. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ can run Chromium relatively smoothly, and the Raspberry Pi 4B means that there is no pressure to open dozens of web pages. Therefore, being able to run a browser can satisfy most common office scenarios, and the computing power of the Raspberry Pi CPU and GPU is also sufficient for simple office scenarios.

So what system is suitable for office use? For ordinary end users, the software ecosystem of the Android system is more prosperous, and installing Android can cover more office and entertainment scenarios (after all, the bankrupt Hammer TNT workstation has verified the feasibility of Android PCs); it is more suitable for professional users to install Raspbian.

Educational use

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charitable organization. It is the original intention of the Raspberry Pi to allow more people to receive programming education. Buying a Raspberry Pi suitable for all ages to play with children, participating in programming and computer-related educational activities on the Raspberry Pi is different from the current courses on the market, because learning computers with the Raspberry Pi is more flexible, Raspbian The system comes with a variety of real programming education software and primary IDE software in multiple languages.

Programming development purposes

Python development: very good, now Python is not only the top spot in the field of machine learning, but also the number one dynamic scripting language in embedded development.

The advantages of using Python on the Raspberry Pi are:

The Python hardware development library on the Raspberry Pi is very complete, and even many libraries are compatible with running micropython on the Arduino

Due to the cross-platform nature of Python itself, scripts can be run wherever they are written, such as running Tensorflow or even PyTorch on the Raspberry Pi!

Today, I would like to recommend a Raspberry Pi bionic hexapod intelligent robot. This hexapod robot uses Raspberry Pi 4B4G as the core motherboard and 18 servo joints, built-in 12 fun actions,making its mimicry more realistic, and support secondary development.

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