Overview the ROS SLAM algorithm MINI Radar robot car

Today I would like to recommend a cost-effective ROSMINI robot car. This ROSMINI robot car supports the ROS2 operating system, which can realize keyboard control, radar mapping, radar navigation and other functions.

The fuselage adopts a full-avoidance body shell, and the shell is made of baking varnish, which is warm and delicate to the touch, showing luxury and high-grade.

Radar OPTMAG optical magnetic fusion, so that the car can have a radius measurement range of 8 meters. 360-degree scanning ranging, 3860 times of measurement frequency.
With the Rising Sun X3 development board, the processor speed is significantly improved, and it has blocked multimedia and better connectivity.

The car can use the mobile APP to see the video images captured by the car camera in real time on the mobile APP interface.

The car is equipped with mecanum wheels, which can move in all directions and move freely and flexibly. It is also equipped with three controllable speed adjustments: low speed, medium speed and high speed. Allows you to switch the speed of the car at any time.

Using precise machine vision and neural network technology, you can quickly issue instructions with a light flick of your finger. The car intelligently recognizes the meaning of gestures through the camera and controls the movement of the car body. Not only that, the car can also recognize and match the human body model through the camera, intelligently calculate the target position, and automatically follow the human body movement.

The car has built-in a variety of algorithms, which can carry out autonomous path planning indoors and reach the designated destination. If obstacles are encountered in the replanned path, the car will also perform secondary path planning based on the built indoor map, so as to achieve the effect of dynamically avoiding obstacles.

Seeing these, is it very exciting? This car not only has stable performance, but also has a lot of intelligent functions, so that you can have fun while studying. And this car does not need to be assembled, it can be played immediately, saving a lot of trouble, so hurry up to get it!

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