With the increasing focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in schools across the world, more and more educational institutions are implementing robotics programs for their students.

The robotics field is growing at a very fast rate, and students are benefit from learning robotics in STEM education. Robotics in the classroom has positive results on students such as encouraging students to pursue more STEM career paths and develop the necessary 21st century skills that will enable them for success in the future. Caitlin Howe, author of Innovative Teaching Blog, asks teachers to ponder the following question, “not only should we look at how robotics can improve what we are currently doing, we also should ask ourselves the question, what the integration of robotics, together with other new technologies, makes possible that was previously impossible?” By internalizing this idea, robotics can make waves in any classroom.

It is important and necessary to master STEM skills in order to maintain competitiveness in the global economy

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