On 6.26th,we are very honored to be invited to participate in DIY Robocars shenzhen,during this activity,we talked the robot technology with many makers and engineers,what’s more,we also showed our donkey car to them,they all spoke highly of it.

Talked about DIY Robocars,let we explain what’s the DIY Robocars.Firstly we need to know the Roborace.

Roborace, the world's first driverless electric car race, can be understood as the F1 race for the electric car driverless world. Robocar, which is cool to the sky, is one of the designated race models of Roborace. The Roborace contest encourages the use of a unified model in the same game. The real competition in each game is also the software design capability of the participating teams. At present, Roborace has three main partners, namely tire manufacturer Michelin, electric vehicle technology company Charge, and chip manufacturer Nvidia.

The global enthusiasm for this combination of technology and racing is enthusiasm, but the slightly cost-conscious partner, from the structural components mentioned above, should not be difficult to speculate: the cost of manufacturing a Robocar is destined to make this game only a spring snow The existence of the general community lovers, there is no way to participate. 

But (yes, there must be a demand but there is)! The emergence of DIY Robocars is the gospel of the major fans of Roborace. DIY Robocars was founded in the United States by Chris Anderson (CEO of 3D Robotics, founder of DIY drones and champion of Sparkfun Autopilot, Wired magazine editor and bestselling authors such as The Long Tail, Free and Maker) The original intention was to build a community of smaller self-driving car enthusiasts based on manufacturing costs.

By providing some economical DIY kits, DIY Robocars encourages community members to collaborate to create 1/10 or 1/16 scale-up auto-driving electric cars and launch offline competitions, encouraging community members to test and apply including automatic The use of cutting-edge technology such as driving technology and artificial intelligence in the real world. Because it is widely welcomed by the community, DIY Robocars has been developed from the original origin of Oakland, California, to more than 30-50 cities in Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Asia. Regular community events are held. The number of community members is close. 20,000 people.

In order to let the community friends in Shenzhen also participate in the ranks of DIY Robocars, the firewood unit with Robotics Masters, introduced this kind of community competition to create a car-driven auto enthusiast in Shenzhen community.

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