New X-Robot cars with Raspberry Pi Introduction (2)

New X-Robot cars with Raspberry Pi Introduction (2)

TH-X crawler AI educational robot car---Learn in order to practice,own successful employment

The TH-X robot is a competitive car-shaped robot with a track structure. The car body size is the largest in the X series. Its excellent passability can adapt to various obstacle crossing tasks. At the same time, the car body is reserved for various tasks. Common sensor and mechanical arm installation positions can be used to meet the requirements of handling competitions.The whole car weighs 3kg, the maximum speed can reach 0.6 m/s, and the load capacity is excellent.The product is also equipped with the commonly used Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi three maker education hardware platforms, open hardware interface and software API interface, TH-X robot combined with AI machine vision, with QR code recognition, face recognition, voice Recognition and other AI artificial intelligence features.


*  Special chassis for competition, super power

*  Multifunctional robotic arm

*  AI + sensor case

Equipped with three commonly used cores for maker education platform

*  Arduino--First choice for beginners

STM32--Connect to working application

*  Raspberry Pi--An excellent learning platform for AI

Fully-equipped teaching function

1、WiFi wireless remote control   11、Real-time mode display function    21、Object recognition
2、 WiFi wireless video transmission 12、Headlight function 22、visual obstacle avoidance
3、 Motor control 13、Turn signal function 23、37 kinds of sensor expansion experiment
4、Servo control 14、 Voltage indication 24、Robotic arm function
5、Ultrasonic walking the maze 15、Horn function 25、Visually identify colors
 6、 Ultrasonic ranging backhaul  16、Built-in music  26、 Visual recognition line inspection
7、Ultrasonic distance measurement 17、PS2 handle control function 27、MP3 module
8、Infrared line inspection function 18、Bluetooth control 28、Visual recognition of QR code
9、Infrared anti-drop function 19、Gesture recognition 29、visual recognition of human faces
10、Distance voltage display function 20、object tracking 30、Cloud voice broadcast



Size: 230*210*40mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Material: aluminum alloy stamping and forming

Treatment process: anodic surface oxidation

Way of travel: crawler rear drive

Maximum speed: 0.6 m/s


Pixel: 5 million hardware pixels

Resolution: 1080P

Output interface: USB2.0

Video format: Mjpeg

Lens wide angle: 130 degrees

Digital Transmission System

Communication mode: WiFi/Bluetooth/PS2

Communication frequency: 2.400-2.4835GHz

Effective distance: 40-80 meters

Control method: APP/PC/PS2 handle

Main control system

Driver board: PWR. Multi-function voltage regulator driver expansion board

Main control platform: Arduino/STM32/Raspberry Pi

Programming language: C/Python

Scalable IO: 12

Regulated output: 5V 1.5A


Battery type: lithium polymer power battery

Output voltage: 12V

Maximum output current: 5A

Battery capacity: 2200maH

Overshoot and over discharge protection: included

Cascade mode: 3 series 18650

Robotic arm

Degrees of freedom: 4

Joint servo: XR-R015

Torque of single servo: 15KG

Clamping accuracy: 3°

Maximum clamping weight: 350g

Material: aluminum alloy

Surface technology: anodic surface oxidation (black)

Advanced teaching curriculum system

 Preface 5.1 Header file
1.1 Purpose of writing 5.2 Variables
Chapter 2 Know STM32 5.3 Array
2.1 Introduction 5.4 Conditional statement
2.2 STM32 performance advantages 5.5 Loop statement
Chapter 3 Equipment Assembly 5.6 Functions
3.1 Introduction to X series   5.7 Summary
3.2 X series hardware interface description  Chapter 6 Lower Computer Source Code Learning
3.3 X series hardware assembly 6.1 Motor
3.4 Main functions of X series 6.2 Infrared sensor
Chapter 4 Development Environment Construction 6.3 Ultrasound
4.1 STM32CubeMX 6.4 Passive buzzer
4.1.1 Download and installation of STM32Cube 6.5 Communication protocol between X series products and MCU
4.1.2 How to use STM32CubeMX 6.7 Servo
4.2 Keil5  6.8 RGB lights
4.2.1 Download and installation of Keil5 6.9 Voltage detection
4.2.2 Cracking of Keil5 6.10 PS2 handle
4.2.3 Install MDK5 software package Chapter 7 Upper Computer System Learning
4.3 Program writing, compiling and burning 7.1 Analysis of Android control software architecture
4.3.1 Compiling the project 7.2 Principles of Android Video Decoding
4.3.2 MCUISP and serial port driver installation 7.3 Android communication principle
4.3.3 Use MCUISP to burn factory program 7.4 Analysis of PC control software architecture
 Chapter 5 Basic Usage of C Language 7.5 Principles of video decoding of PC control software


Jetbot 2.0 AI educational Robot Car---Machine vision, Artificial intelligence

Jetbot 2.0 robot car is an artificial intelligence car-shaped robot using Mecanum wheels. The whole car weighs 1.5kg and the maximum speed can reach 1.2m/s. The product has functions such as color recognition, object recognition, following the owner, and visual line inspection. The product uses Jetson Nano as the main control platform, Python as the main development language, integrates the Tensorflow deep learning framework, and supports one-click switching of built-in functions on the mobile APP. It is an excellent verification platform for learning machine vision and neural network technology.


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