Overview of Jetson Nano Ros radar robot car with 7" touch screen

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Jetson Nano Ros Slam Radar Robot Car with 7" touch screen

Features Description:

    • Color recognition;
    • Autopilot;
    • Mobile tracking;
    • Visual obstacle avoidance;
    • Lidar building map;
    • Automatic obstacle avoidance for indoor positioning;
    • 4-DOF mechanical arm;
    • Path planning of lidar;
    • Camera visual inspection line;
    • ROS mileage feedback


Product parameters:

    • programming software:Python、C++
    • Carbody size:length 310mm*width 240mm*height 360mm
    • ROS version: ROS Melodic
    • Radar: Rplidar A1
    • Network card: intel8625
    • Weight:about 4kg
    • Robotic arm:Anti jamming four degree of freedom mechanical arm
    • Length:310mm (Overall length of claw when closed)
    • Battery:8400mAh Lithium battery with charging protection
    • camera :  1080 HD camera
    • Voltage display:window
    • Electric machinery:DC brush motor (with 360 line AB code)
    • Motor torque:Single 3.5N.m

    • Maximum grab weight: 50g

    • Maximum claw opening and closing:50mm

    • IMU:Nine axis gyroscope sensor   
    • Display Screen: 7" 1080P HD touch screen(Capacitive touch screen)



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