Preparation of Robot car software

Today, I would like to talk to you about the essential robot car tools especially the robot car software you need to make a WIFI/Bluetooth smart robot car, the so-called "sharpening the knife without delay"!

First, commonly used processing tools, screwdrivers, small wrenches, small pliers, and other hardware tools, this is not more long-winded, to do the car is definitely to be used.

Second, the robot car software aspect:

1, STC-ISP: This software is the company's microcontroller programming tool, but very powerful, it can not only program our studio produced the driver board and the common microcontroller, but also has a serial port assistant function, you can easily receive from the WIFI board (routing) of the serial port print information, but also through it to send data to the next machine, is essential software for communication debugging.


2, tcp232-test: This robot car software is very easy to use serial port - network port mutual transmitting software, our WIFI car robot is exactly the principle of serial port - network port mutual forwarding, so you can use this software can easily debug the two-way data communication!


3, putty: This robot car software is used to interact with the WIFI board command, our WIFI board is actually a Linux system is installed on the development board, through this software SSH to make command interaction with the WIFI board, this software is equivalent to the command prompt line inside Windows, we can easily lose the command here, so that the board to execute our command.

To use this tool, please note that the connection method must be selected as "SSH". At the same time, after connecting to the route, you need to enter the password, when you enter the password in this tool is invisible characters, so do not think that you did not enter, just enter, when you are done, just hit enter.

If you execute a command in this tool, you will be able to execute a Linux command directly in Linux, so you can check what commands are available in Linux.


The putty setup screen showed as below:

robot car

4, WinSCP: This software is quite with the Windows file manager below, using it we can easily drag files from windows inside to the WIFI board, you can also drag back to the PC from the board because the file is slightly larger, it is no longer given a download link, please Baidu file name to download their own, graphical interface, a look to understand.

When this software connects to the route, you need to select the SCP option, so pay attention.

Winscp setup interface:

Third: Hardware

Hardware is also indispensable. We seldom make a car at once, and it often needs a long time of debugging.

1.USB-TTL serial board(Showed As pictured:)

The function of this small board is to create a virtual serial port on the USB port so that our serial port debugging assistant can use this serial port to send and receive messages from the cart.

Two things to note when purchasing this board.

①, USB to serial board there are two kinds, one is USB to TTL level, which is shown above, we only need to use TX, RX, GND the three lines, the other +5 V, 3.3V we do not use, another is USB to 232 level of the serial board, you can see this board turned out to have 9 pins, this board we can not use because we The microcontroller and WIFI board are both TTL level communication.

The compatibility of the board is not very good, some sellers may be better workmanship of the peripheral circuit, can be used normally, some may not be able to receive data from the lower computer, please look good Taobao evaluation before buying. The USB-TTL board I used for the FTDI chip, compatibility is very good, but the price is relatively expensive, so please consider it at your discretion.



A multimeter should all be used and is a very important tool that can come in handy if you find that the circuit is not working, after ruling out the software as the cause of the problem. This tool can not buy too expensive, more than 20 yuan will be enough.


3, electric soldering iron

Since the motor is definitely not wired when you buy it, and unlike other devices, the motor can be plugged in and connected with Dupont wire, a soldering iron is a must, and with a soldering iron, solder wire, not to mention, has to be included.

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