MINI Tank Smart Robot Car

 MINI Tank Smart Robot Car for Beginner who want to DIY

This is an Arduino or Raspberry pi-controllable MINI tank robot car, low noise, and easy to control, high-strength stainless steel base with delicate appearance, higher stability, and longer durability.

The MINI tank smart robot car can be easy control to catch the object Through PS2 you can let the MINI tank to finish the commands. Small size easy to carry. Simple structure, easy to assemble. It's a good choice for the beginner who want to DIY. Of course, the price is not too expensive that you don't consider the cost.

In a word, the MINI tank is a cost-effective for the beginner. 

Assembled Dimensions:

Net Weight: 1.8kg
Base Material: stainless steel
Track: engineering plastic
Wheel: plastic

Package Includes:
Car chassis assembled kit with 2 pcs of DC motor

Motor parameter:
Voltage Range: 6V-12V
No-load Speed: 130RPM
Nominal Voltage: DC 12V
No-load Current: 80mA
Weight: 100g

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