Do you know how to build K12 STEM educational kits with XiaoR GEEK DBit robot car

The XiaoR GEEK DBit graphical programming robot car is a robotic arm robot developed based on Micro:bit. It is equipped with Micro:bit development board, which can realize infrared line inspection, ultrasonic shaking head to avoid obstacles, ultrasonic distance measurement, music programming and other interesting games, providing rich Learning materials and tutorials.
The product supports mobile phone APP Bluetooth control, which can realize real-time remote control through the mobile phone APP, use the APP to control the movement of the robot and the interaction of other functions, and use the WeChat applet Bluetooth connection to control the robot.
The product also supports infrared remote control, and the robot can be controlled by the remote control.

The product also supports direct use of Makecode programming. Users do not need to have programming experience to easily get started with the programming and development of this robot's actions. It can be used as an artificial intelligence laboratory training platform for electronic information, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, computers, and youth programming.

Key technologies: Micro:bit/Ultrasonic & Infrared/Infrared Remote Control/APP Control & Graphical Programming

⦁ Product overall parameters
overall parameters
Item Parameters
Product Name XR-DBit Graphical Programming Robot
Size 173X143X111mm
Weight 438g
Core motherboard Optional XRbit/Micro:bit V1.5/Micro:bit V2.2
Power supply mode 18650 lithium battery pack
Remote control method Android/IOS APP, infrared remote control
Compilation environment Makecode/JavaScript
Communication interface Usart serial port/Bluetooth
Motor TT DC motor
Battery life not less than 120 minutes
Servo parameters
Operating voltage range 4.8-6V
Quiescent current 150mA
Current 170mA
Speed 0.13sec/60°
Rated torque 0.37kgf·cm
Stall current 800mA
Stall Torque 1.5kgf·cm
Communication mode PWM
⦁ Delivery list
Part name Quantity
robot body 1
Infrared remote control 1
USB cable 1
charger 1

⦁ Functional gameplay
Mobile phone control Support Android, IOS, WeChat applet Bluetooth control, can control the robot to move or perform other interactions
Infrared remote control robot supports infrared remote control interaction
Infrared line inspection The robot comes with a dual-channel infrared sensor, which can automatically identify black lines and realize automatic driving
Ultrasonic distance measurement The robot has its own ultrasonic sensor, which will display the distance in real time when an obstacle is detected in front
Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance The robot has its own ultrasonic sensor, which will change direction when it detects an obstacle ahead
Colorful marquee can be customized to achieve a variety of color transformations through programming
Music programming Robot onboard buzzer, through programming, the car can play various music
Data display The robot has a 5x5 LED dot matrix, which can display various data or patterns through programming
Graphical programming Robots can use Makecode graphical programming, drag and drop building block modules, no need to download local software

⦁ Product Features
★ Initially equipped with dual-channel infrared sensors and ultrasonic sensors, supporting secondary development.
★The robot is equipped with XRBit driver board, onboard RGB lights, buzzer, 2-way motor drive, 8-way steering gear drive, infrared remote control and other hardware circuits
★Compatible with XRBit/Micro:bit v1.5/Micro:bit V2.2 series development boards.
★It can be controlled by infrared remote control.
★It can be remotely controlled by Bluetooth via Android/IOS APP/WeChat applet.
★Secondary development is possible, compatible with more than 40 common IoT sensors.
⦁ Study materials
Provide a complete set of learning materials for XR-DBit graphical programming robots.

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