Value-for-money artificial intelligence programming bionic robot dog - the price is as low as $359

This robot dog is a bionic Corgi intelligent programmable robot dog developed by XiaoR GEEK technology team for teenagers to learn robot programming.

Its appearance is small and exquisite, the size of the whole machine is: 224*185*169mm, 12 degrees of freedom quadruped limbs and 1 degree of freedom of the gimbal, so that the corgi robot dog moves more freely and flexibly, through the inverse kinematics algorithm, the simulation is vivid Bionic dynamic movements such as walking, squatting, rotating, and leaning over canine animals make it more vivid.

Its powerful function is equipped with ESP32 core and dual-core driver, which makes the performance more efficient. With a built-in wide-angle camera, you can get real-time video images of the world from the dog's perspective through the mobile APP. You can use mobile phone APP and game controller to realize wireless terminal operation, so that you can grasp the dynamics of dogs anytime and anywhere.

Of course, with the XR RPI Extend AI expansion box, it can also expand richer machine vision AI gameplay, such as face recognition, color recognition, QR code recognition and other AI functions.

In addition to a variety of built-in interesting actions, we have also reserved a secondary development expansion interface, which can be connected to an external serial port command sending device, and supports graphical Scratch3.0 programming, C language, Python programming, etc., which is an absolute must for learning programming. 

With such a low price and so many functions, are you already tempted?

Come and experience it.

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