XiaoR GEEK tank chassis support for Arduino/Raspberry pi robot car

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XiaoR GEEK tank chassis support for Arduino/Raspberry pi


Function: The XiaoR Geek robot tank platform is designed for learning robotics electronic car with arduino or raspberry pi programming. You can add robotic arm or robotics HD Camera on this robotic car platform for DIY.

Equipment: The robot tank car chassis include extra-large size aluminum alloy car body and a variety of subplates for DIY. With 1 pair drving wheels and 5 pairs carrying wheels and 2 Tank Tracks, it make walk more easily on complex ground conditions.

Material: Tank chassis made of aluminum alloy material, Color: Five different colors for you to choose, to meet your individual needs. The chassis adopts steel shaft processed by electroplating technology,brightness surface and no rust.

Reserve a variety of circuit mounting holes: Users are able to add various sensor and controllers with multiple mounting holes on the robot chassis. Eg: Deirver board, Ultrasonic Sensor, HD camera, IR sensor, Display, WiFi module, LED etc.

Free Gift and Detailed user manual: For you convenience, we present you free tools (screwdriver,wrench). An elaborately-written user manual is provided, including thorough install schematic diagrams.

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