XiaoR GEEK ROS Robot with Moveit Robot Arm,Mecanum Wheel and Depth camer for Jetson nano

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Size: 542*265*386mm

Weight: 3.4kg;

Material: 3D printing epoxy resin/acrylic/aluminum alloy;

Process: Anodizing;

Marching mechanism: 4WD Mecanum round;

Maximum vehicle speed: 0.8m/s;

Main control chip: STM32F103RCT6;

Interface type: 4PIN-ZH1.5;

Camera: Binocular depth camera, 1080P;

Display: HDMI Display high-definition display;

Rated torque: 0.3kg.cm;

Drive voltage: 6V-12V;

Robotic arm steering gear: XR-ST-3215-C010, 30kg·cm; 6-12.6V;

Main chip platform: Quad-core ARM quad-core A57; 128-Maxwell architecture;

Control system: XR-GUI human-computer interaction system;

★Machine-wheel traveling mechanism: The trolley adopts the mecanum-wheel traveling mode, which can move horizontally, can realize the movement of m-shaped, and can rotate 360, which is stable in operation and strong in passing.

★4 degrees of freedom manipulator: 180 degrees of free rotation, unique APP control interface, virtual manipulator synchronous control, control the grasping movement of the manipulator as you like, equipped with Moveit! The robotic arm plug-in can realize the path planning of the robotic arm.

★WIFI transmission, APP control: The car will generate WiFi signal after turning on the car, and the mobile phone or tablet can connect to the car via WiFi and control it with a dedicated APP.

★Wireless handle control: The car is compatible with 2.4G wireless handle real-time remote control, supports the handle to control the action of the mechanical arm, and the control link is stable;

★Wireless video transmission: Real-time transmission of the video screen shot by the car camera to the APP or computer control software interface via WiFi, to achieve first-person visual effects.

★RPLADAR A1 lidar mapping and navigation: 360-degree scanning distance measurement, support for gmapping, hector/Harto algorithm to build a map, support keyboard, mouse and select area to build a map, can realize SLAM lidar mapping and automatic through APP or virtual machine The navigation function automatically plans a new route to avoid obstacles encountered during the journey.

★XR-ROS GUI human-computer interaction system: intuitive and convenient human-computer interaction operating system interface, which can realize one-key mapping and one-key navigation, and the status of each module of the system is clear at a glance.

★Moveit! Smart Manipulator: You can use the Moveit! Smart Manipulator plug-in to realize the action path planning function of the manipulator, and realize automatic grabbing and collision avoidance.

★OpenCV visual line patrol: realize autonomous judgment of black lines on the road through camera machine vision, and follow the black lines to realize tracing driving.

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