XiaoR GEEK GFS Robot Tank Car Kit with compatible Arduino Mega 2560 for programming learning

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XiaoR GEEK GFS Robot Tank Car Kit with robotic arm which compatible Arduino Mega 2560 for programming learning

Programming language: Python


1. Automatically self-built WiFi signal hot point after power on, and support computer web browsers, smartphone and tablets APP(IOS/Android), PC to control the robot car and watch the real-time video with HD camera on your screen. 

2. Support the drag-and-drop graphical programming software, just plug and play,get what you see, easy for the Arduino robot learners.

3. Designed with 4 DOF robot arm and 2 DOF robot pan-tilt camera platform, available to get enough freedom of the control angle.

4. 5DBi External WiFi Antenna gain high signal intensity and long transmission distance, more fast and steady, brings you real time.

5. Multi-speed Control System for you to control the speed of the robot.

6. Adopt high quality 12V 350rev/min powerful motor, the maximum load is up to 8kg, which support continuous power for robot.

7. HD camera Two degree of freedom steering Cloud Terrace, Dynamic video resolution can be up to 640*480p, Frame up 30F/s. it's available for you to take photos (on phone) and record video (on computer).

8. Complete source code is provided for secondary development.

9. Provide detailed installation tutorials and complete source code for secondary development. If you have any questions, contact us and you will have a professional technical team to guide you. (service@xiaorgeek.net)

In some countries, batteries cannot be shipped. We will deliver the battery case to the customer. You need to buy the battery from the local store.

Attention: Sensor version with ultrasonic and infrared sensor for obstance avoidance,line patrol.

Note:Some countries can't ship batteries, we will send battery cases instead of batteries. You need to buy the battery like the link of this specification, 12V, more than 5A in your country.

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