The lowest price on the Internet! XiaoR Technology's Corgi 12-DOF quadruped robot dog is officially released!

Speaking of robot dogs, the most eye-catching one is the product of Boston Dynamics: Boston Dynamics BigDog.

Realistic bionic movements and smooth walking posture, as if possessed by a real dog!

Take such a cool robot dog out for a ride, you don’t need to tie a dog leash, not only don’t have to worry about biting people and shoveling poop, but you can also immediately become the king worshipped by all the children in the community!

Such a great dog, the price is naturally very touching. The price of Boston’s dog is 74,500 US dollars. For rich people, it is just the money of two domestic Tesla Model 3.

Well... at least poor people like me, looking at the dry wallet, sigh at the dog.

As the popularity of dogs rises, domestic bigwigs are not willing to lag behind, such as Lei Jun’s Tiedan:

The price is $1499, and there is finally a "less than $2000" repair hook, but... it seems that it is always out of stock.

Yushu's Go1:

The price is not cheap either, even if it is on sale, it still costs this much:

Well, let's settle for the next best thing. We don't have high requirements, so let's just have a desktop robot dog, right?

But sorry, there is no 12-DOF desktop dog on the market that costs less than¥ 399.

XiaoR GEEK ESP32 Bionic Programmable Smart STEM Educational Robot Dog Kits graphical programming version

As dog lovers, our wish is to make cheap and fun dogs affordable for everyone. So, at the risk of losing hair, after weeks of research, XiaoR Technology's desktop-level 12-DOF bionic quadruped robot dog Corgi was officially released!

XiaoR Corgi quadruped robot dog is a desktop-level quadruped bionic robot dog based on the ESP32 core with 12 degrees of freedom.

It is controlled by WiFi wireless remote control and APP, which can be installed on Android phones and tablet devices for control.

•Image transmission
The robot dog has a video transmission function, which can transmit the video images collected by the robot dog's eyes (camera) to the control terminal for display in real time.

•Action display

The Corgi robot dog uses an inverse kinematics algorithm to simulate the front, back, left, right, rotation, translation, squatting, turning, dancing and other movements of real canine animals. It is very suitable for science museums, campus science festival science and technology exhibition performances, robot dog racing competitions and skill competitions.

ESP32 Corgi quadruped smart robot dog funny action
The Corgi robot dog has 10 built-in fun action groups, such as greeting, goodbye, peeing, fortune cat, stretching, jumping, etc.

ESP32 Corgi quadruped smart robot dog built in bionic actions
ESP32 Corgi quadruped smart robot dog built in bionic action
Store owners, this "fortune dog" can definitely help you bring more wealth.

•Graphical Programming

Corgi supports various expansion hardware. Users can choose the graphical programming expansion box XR Block Extend Box, and then use the matching Scratch3.0 graphical programming software (XR Block) developed by XiaoR Technology to program and control the dog's movement, which is very suitable for young children to learn programming courses.

If you are already a beginner, you can also use the Arduino IDE, a widely popular open source hardware development platform in the maker world, to carry out secondary development of the Corgi robot dog. You only need to learn the basic programming operations of Arduino to easily control the robot dog.

•AI Machine Vision

If you want to experience the charm of machine vision and AI functions, you can choose the Raspberry Pi visual programming expansion box XiaoRGEEK RPI Extend Box, and then you can experience the visual recognition function of the robot dog, such as: visual recognition of human face, visual recognition of color, visual recognition of QR code, etc. At the same time, XiaoR provides Python source code for various visual functions, and you can use the same development method as Raspberry Pi for secondary development of code.
XiaoR GEEK ESP32 Bionic Programmable Smart STEM Educational Robot Dog Kits is an AI bionic robot dog
You can also use it as a ROS development platform, install the ROS system into the Raspberry Pi, and use it with a laser radar and a depth camera to achieve cool features such as laser radar SLAM and visual SLAM.

ROS Raspberry Pi smart quadruped robot dog laser slam mapping navigation
The rich AI scalability makes the Corgi robot dog a practical training platform for artificial intelligence laboratories in colleges and universities such as electronic information, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, computers, and automation.

•Interactive companionship

It can make it a good friend with the cat at home.

There is such a cute robot dog on the desk. When you are tired of work and study, you can interact with it and forget all the fatigue. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about shoveling shit and feeding dog food.

As for the price... Yes, the launch price is $359 (basic version).
Don’t ask why the price is so beautiful, just one word:

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