Solution method of ROS robot car

Solution method of ROS robot car

First of all, there is a friendly reminder: the default use of the ROS robot car is that to use the built-in XR-ROS human-computer interaction system and the ROS radar car APP which is developed by the XiaoR technology to complete the robot building map - navigation function. In addition, through the virtual machine control is an extension of the game, users need to have a solid Linux skills and virtual machine experience, we just only provide limited technical support.

Problem phenomenon: when controlling the ROS robot through the virtual machine, the screen of the ROS robot car will appears white screen.
The main reason: the network communication between the robot car and the virtual machine is not tuned, generally the network bridge of the virtual machine is not correctly configured.
The solution is as follows.
1, open the VMware virtual network editor interface, configure the network connection to "bridge mode", in the "Bridge to:" option, select the same LAN card as the car to bridge, the screenshot is for reference only.

2. In the Network Adapter option of the virtual machine, configure the mode to "Bridge Mode".

After the configuration is complete, if the command line of the virtual machine or the command line of the trolley system can ping through each other, then the network is open.

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