How to develop Raspberry Pi through GFS smart programmable car?

First of all, we need to understand the vehicle structure of GFS: the chassis is made of stainless steel metal body, and a variety of circuit installation holes are reserved, so you can expand the various modules you need as you like; it uses PWR multi-functional power supply developed by Xiao R Motor drive module, with multiple pins reserved for expansion; 5DBi WiFi external antenna, stronger and more stable signal; XRbot-Link WiFi video data transmission module, Robot-Eye camera, manually adjustable focus; ultrasonic sensor; two degrees of freedom Video pan/tilt; 5V high-brightness LED light, infrared sensor; built-in 2200mAh8A12V protection board battery pack;

After understanding the car body structure, we can take a look at the basic functions of the car:
Ultrasonic ranging: The car can measure the distance through the ultrasonic sensor and transmit it back to the APP
Infrared obstacle avoidance: The car can avoid obstacles through infrared sensors
Real-time video transmission: Through the XRbot-Link WiFi video transmission module and Robot-Eye camera, the images captured by the camera can be transmitted to the mobile APP in real time.
Mobile APP/PC control: The car is equipped with a special APP, which can be remotely controlled directly through the APP
C/Python programming: The programming language adopts the most popular C and Python, which can be learned by the majority of students.

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