Why do kids need to learn programming?

Do we grow up when we stop asking why?
But when we are young, we always have a lot of strange questions: What is time? Doesn't the moon get dizzy when it keeps circling the sun? Why do we have to get up when the sun comes out? Can animals understand human language? Is there another me in the world? In fact, the right to ask why is also the right of children to have imagination. Don't always use words like "you will know when you grow up" to put your children off, don't always kill their imagination in the budding period, don't let them stop at fixed thinking in their words, let them boldly use their own methods to find answers, even if they encounter some trouble on the way to explore the unknown, don't panic. The world will have more possibilities if we give them a world where they can go wild: humans can be guests on the moon, robots can understand human voices, there are driverless cars on the highway, there are networks all over the city, and big data understands humans better than humans. The future needs to be created, and children's imagination is needed to create infinite possibilities.

In today's society, children need the space to imagine, the ability to create, the possibility to achieve, and programming can meet all the ways. 5G era is coming, so the future and digital closer together, we marvel at SpaceX Falcon rocket's automatic return and space capsule automatic docking,smart robot dog's flexibility like a living body, logging and weeding farm machine can be worked efficiently. Behind these all is the result of programmed thinking practice, it decomposes and decomposes a complex task, merges and merges some repeated modules, abstracts all the processes that can be automated into procedures, and precipitates all the functions that can be instrumentalized into tools, this is the habit of mind that programming can bring us, that how to learn to program well is the most anxious thing for parents at present.

In fact, if you want to make your child to be a programming genius or a teenage hacker through children's programming, this type of person belongs to a very small number of people, which can be described as rare, but why there are many parents who spend a lot of money to let their children to learn programming?Steve Jobs once said, "We should look at programming as a mirror of thinking, because programming will teach you how to think and will create a way of thinking that I think is very useful in all areas." This is programming thinking. The reason why you should go to learn programming is as follows: programming develops a child's way of thinking, i.e. the process of decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition, and algorithmic deduction of problems, which will lead to the formation of five major abilities: planning and conceptualization, logical analysis, pattern recognition, problem decomposition and testing and error correction, and the best time for the formation and development of a thinking pattern occurs during the adolescence of human beings. For children, the best teacher and the best companion is to give them the interest and motivation to learn, so that they can open their brains and learn not only programming, but also the ability to understand the principles of things and transform the microcosm. That's the beauty of programming!

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