The learning tool of ROS2- ROS2 Hunter smart robot car
What is an Ackermann chassis?
The Ackermann chassis is the core component of a motor vehicle, located primarily beneath the wheels. It is mainly composed of an engine, transmission system, suspension system, steering system, etc. Its function is to send the power of the engine to the wheels through the transmission system to drive the vehicle. At the same time, the design of the Ackermann chassis enables the vehicle to be better suspended on the road, improving passability and stability, thereby helping to realize advanced driving assistance functions such as autonomous driving.

What are the advantages of ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car using Ackerman chassis compared to robot cars with ordinary chassis?

1. Driving stability: The design of the Ackerman chassis makes the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car have higher stability during driving. This chassis design uses a reasonable suspension system and steering mechanism to keep the car stable when driving, turning and cornering, reducing shaking and bumps caused by uneven road surfaces or improper operation.

2. Flexible control: The flexible control of the Ackerman chassis enables the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car to have better passability and maneuverability in complex environments. Whether on narrow passages, steep slopes or uneven roads, this chassis design ensures the vehicle can maneuver smoothly and complete its mission.

3. Easy to integrate and develop: Ackerman chassis usually has standardized interfaces and protocols, which makes the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car easier during the integration and development process. Users can easily add various sensors, actuators and functional modules to the car as needed to achieve more complex functions and applications.

3. Suitable for a variety of application scenarios: Due to the superior performance of the Ackerman chassis, the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car can be applied to a variety of application scenarios, such as automatic inspection, logistics distribution, environmental cleaning, etc. This wide range of applicability makes the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car an ideal choice in the fields of industrial automation and intelligence.

In addition, ROS2 Hunter is also equipped with a series of high-performance hardware, including NVIDIA Jetson Nano, high-torque coding reduction motor, lidar, 3D depth camera, 7-inch LCD screen, cool programmable lights and other hardware. These hardware configurations enable the ROS2Hunter robot car to realize the development and application of robot motion control, ROS SLAM algorithm, mapping navigation path planning, deep learning, visual interaction and other aspects. The car is fully adapted to the ROS2 system. This can not only better meet users' needs for robot SLAM function learning and verification, but also provide a fast and convenient integration solution for ROS development. In addition, the car also has supporting ROS courses covering a wealth of technical information, functional source code, course documents and explanation videos to help users quickly master the development and application of ROS robots.

All in all, after the ROS2 Hunter intelligent robot car uses the Ackerman chassis, its flexibility and performance have been greatly improved, and it has a wider range of usability. It is also more conducive to the development of research projects in autonomous driving, the automotive industry and other related industry projects. .
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